Ready or not, the holiday season is once again upon us. Whether or not you have Thanksgiving traditions with your family, we’ve found a list of great ideas around the web for starting your own (or simply adding to the ones you already have). We hope you’ll find this list helpful in making this Thanksgiving the most memorable one yet. Enjoy!

Ideas for Thanksgiving Traditions

  1. Ask everyone to share what they’re thankful for in a book, in a Gratitude jar, on a Thankful Tree, or at the dinner table.
  2. If everyone brings a dish to pass, have them also bring the recipe. The host can then make copies for everyone to bring home.
  3. Let the kids make ornaments while dinner is being prepared.
  4. Encourage new recipes every year by hosting an appetizer cook-off. May the best appetizer win!
  5. Decorate for Christmas as a family post-meal.
  6. Ask each guest ahead of time what dish they’ll be bringing to share. Then create a custom menu for the big day to make everyone feel like a special part of the meal.
  7. Instead of watching football, go to the movie theater and see a holiday movie.
  8. Take a post-meal walk.
  9. Have some fun for all ages with a few rounds of pin the feathers on the turkey.
  10. Create a fall scavenger hunt for the kids.
  11. Take a family photo every year and add to a Thanksgiving photo album or scrapbook.
  12. Create a signature Thanksgiving cocktail to serve every year.