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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Logo

Tempur-Pedic’s story started in the early 1970s with the development of a pressure-absorbing material at NASA that would help cushion and support astronauts during lift off. The material was unique because it was pressure sensitive and evenly distributed body weight. It wasn’t until the 1980s that the material was released to the public, which is when it ended up in the hands of a couple of Swedish scientists at the helm of a merge between Sweden’s Fagerdala and Denmark’s Dan-Foam. For nearly a decade, these scientists perfected the TEMPUR material for use in mattresses.

In 1992, Lexington, KY, resident Bob Trussell visited Denmark and met with the scientists. With the realization that he could bring this technology back to the US to help people sleep better, Trussell started Tempur-Pedic®. Tempur-Pedic® built facilities in Duffield, VA, and added a second fabrication plant in Albuquerque, NM. Eventually, a merger occurred between Tempur-Pedic® and Dan-Foam, creating a global company headquartered in Lexington that focused on a growing line of sleep products. Tempur-Pedic® has a single focus – help people sleep better. Here at WG&R Sleep Shop, we want to help you sleep better, too, which is why we carry and highly recommend the Tempur-Pedic® mattress for the ultimate sleep experience.

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Tony and Terry Pearce took over 20 years to perfect the revolutionary comfort of Purple mattress. The brothers—formerly an aerospace engineer and a materials and manufacturing expert—set out to solve a problem every person in the world experiences: a bad night’s sleep.

Originally, their efforts led to the creation of cushioning technologies that Fortune 500 companies have licensed to make wheelchairs, shoes, and medical devices more comfortable. But the Pearce brothers knew they could do more.

They always dreamed of inventing the perfect mattress—one that alleviates pain and provides the best sleep imaginable for a fraction of the typical mattress cost. After 20 years and a series of discoveries and product developments, the Pearce brothers invented what they thought was the best mattress technology in the world. They called it Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ and Purple was born. Test rest this revolutionary mattress today before you buy and discover what it means to sleep in color.

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Sealy Mattress Brand Logo

Sealy’s dedication to help the world sleep better started in 1881 when Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder, filled a request for a cotton filled mattress. The Sealy, TX, native quickly watched his mattress orders grow exponentially, leading to more innovations and several patents. Daniel Haynes sold his patents to a Texas-based company that kept the Sealy name fifteen years later.

Shortly after, executive Earl Edwards penned the famous slogan, “Sleeping on a Sealy is like sleeping on a cloud.” Since then, the company has experienced several milestones, including the introduction of the popular Sealy Posturepedic mattress and the introduction of the king-sized bed, being the first mattress company to display and advertise one. WG&R Sleep Shop stocks an impressive lineup of Sealy mattresses so that you too can know what sleeping on a cloud feels like.

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The Nectar journey started with wanting to create the most comfortable mattress at an affordable price. Working closely with production facilities around the world, Nectar ensures that only the highest quality materials are sourced for their mattresses. All materials are tested several times throughout the production process, and each mattress is carefully inspected as it leaves the production line. Our WG&R Sleep Shops are proud to carry this nationally recognized mattress in a box.

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It was 1925 and Americans were getting better rest than ever before thanks to the then newly-invented Pocketed Coil®. For the first time, a signature, mass-produced bed, offered individual support and motion separation. This achievement marked the official launch and introduction to the world of the Beautyrest® line.

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, H.G. Wells, and George Bernard Shaw, all movers and shakers in their own regard, had one thing in common: they, like many Americans, couldn’t risk a poor night’s sleep for the progress of tomorrow. Each demanded better sleep and found the answer with Beautyrest®.

Then 1958, Simmons forever changed the bedroom again by being the first manufacturer to create Queen and King mattress sizes. The ability to sleep like a royal was now available to everyone. And you, too, can experience first-class sleep with our large selection of Beautyrest Black® Hybrid mattresses.

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With the knowledge that an average person spends almost 33 years of their life resting in a bed, King Koil has a strong belief that sleep is time that should be well spent. That’s why the King Koil brand promises more than a mattress. They craft a place to think and dream, to relax and recharge — a foundation of support for so many other things in life from a family’s love to personal repose.

King Koil bridges the gap between high quality sleep and a life well-lived, for benefits that can be felt all day through. From a days end to a fresh morning start, they strive to be the place where wellness begins.

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WG&R Factory Direct Mattress Brand Logo

WG&R Factory Direct mattresses are not only made in the USA, but built right here in Wisconsin.  We manufacture our mattresses in a 64,000 square foot factory in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, just hours away from our store locations. Our WG&R mattress factory has no brand marketing costs, no middle management and no corporate overhead, allowing us to pass factory direct savings and quality on to you. We use only the finest raw materials and source most of them from other Wisconsin companies. We are proud to feature WG&R Factory Direct mattresses  in all of our store locations and stand behind our mattresses with an industry-leading warranty.

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Astor Park Mattress Brand Logo

Handcrafted in Wisconsin and named in honor of the historic Green Bay neighborhood, our Astor Park line is built at our mattress factory in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. From the materials and construction to the overall look and feel, each model in the collection—much like the name itself—celebrates and preserves quality and tradition.

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