When we introduced our first-ever bed in a box mattresses last year, we couldn’t have predicted how popular they would become in such a short amount of time. And that’s why we’re back with two all-new models that are already becoming a huge hit – a 12″ memory foam and a 10″ hybrid.

Our all-new Harbor 12″ Memory Foam “Bed in a Box” Mattress

The Retreat Hybrid and Harbor Memory Foam bed in a box mattresses are comfortable and supportive. Retreat is a hybrid innerspring mattress that provides the pressure relief of cooling gel-infused memory foam paired with body-contouring pocketed coils for superior support. Harbor is has a thick layer of hypoallergenic memory foam that contours to your body for support, pressure relief and comfort.

For only $299 or $399, you can get a queen Retreat or Harbor mattress that works on a standard box spring or your existing adjustable base. Or you can choose our brand-new foundation in a box for only $100 for the queen size!

Plus, each model is available for immediate pickup, allowing you to start sleeping better tonight! You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily the mattress comes out of the compact box and expands within minutes. The best part? You can test each model before you buy by stopping in at any WG&R location.

Get to know our new Retreat model and all-new foundation in a box in the videos below.