What happens when you hear the phrase “light colored fabrics?”  Does your mind escape to a calming oasis of possibilities? Or are you like most of us and immediately cringe at the nightmare of spills, stains, and other disasters that can happen when you have a.) kids, b.) pets, c.) parties, or d.) all three at any given time?

The good news is that you no longer have to choose between style and practicality. It is possible to have both with the new Revolution fabrics. Not only are we starting to incorporate more of these fabrics into our showrooms, but we’re seeing more and more of our vendors offering Revolution fabric options as part of their custom order programs.

So why is everyone talking about this revolutionary advancement in performance fabrics? Let us give you a few reasons why you should consider it for your next furniture investment.

A white sectional room group with ottoman and accent chair         A sneak peek at our new Marley collection. This sectional is one of our first pieces to showcase Revolution fabric.

Why Choose Revolution Fabric?

  1. Stain resistant
    • Constructed from 100% Olefin, Revolution fabrics are inherently stain resistant. In addition to resisting stains, they are also anti-microbial and water repellent.
  2. Easy to clean and bleach-safe
    • Because Revolution fabrics are dyed before being woven, they are extremely convenient to clean. Simply follow instructions using soap and water, common household cleaners, and even diluted bleach.
  3. Free from chemicals
    • Unlike most fabric protection treatments that are applied after the finished product is constructed, Revolution fabrics don’t utilize any post-treatments whatsoever.
  4. Outlasts the standard lifetime of other fabrics
    • In addition to being extremely durable and supremely soft, Revolution fabrics will not fuzz or pill under normal wear-and-tear conditions. Additionally, they’re fade resistant with 300 hours of light fastness, easily surpassing the 40 hour standard of typical fabrics.
  5. Eco-friendly 
    • The production process of olefin uses the least amount of energy, and therefore has the smallest carbon footprint of any fiber. In addition, there isn’t any harmful industrial waste or waste water produced, even in the dyeing process. Revolution fabrics are also 100% recyclable, with the fiber being able to be re-extruded up to ten times.
  6. Made in America
    • 100% of Revolution fabrics are 100% made in the USA!

After reading just a handful of the benefits of Revolution fabrics, will you decide to give them a try? Visit your nearest WG&R location and talk to one of our sales associates about all of our current Revolution fabric offerings.