Healthy Sleep Cool-Tech Med-Pro Pillow

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Healthy Sleep™ Cool-Tech pillows are all about cooling you to sleep and helping you reach your desired sleep temperature faster.

Our Healthy Sleep™ Cool-Tech pillows come in low, medium and high profiles, providing options to the customer to fit the pillow in order to provide the optimal alignment of the head, neck and spine. This reduces pain and pressure points for a better night’s sleep. The level of thickness (profile) will determine which is the right pillow for different body types and sleep position.

Finally, the temperature regulating air pockets on our pillows help to reduce heat, perspiration and friction allowing for better air flow. So not only do you have proper support/alignment, but our pillows keep you cool and dry throughout the night.

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  • Medium Profile
  • Chiropractor & Wellness Doctor Recommended
  • Ultra-Cooling Soft Cover
  • Cradles Your Head, Neck And Shoulders For Ideal Support
  • Shoulders For Ideal Support
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