As summer winds down, we are quickly reminded how busy life can get. We return to long days at work, after-school activities, homework, housecleaning, late nights…and the list goes on and on. So why not make the most of our downtime? After all, relaxation eases the negative impacts of constant stress by promoting a healthy heart, immune system, and mind. (Read more benefits of relaxation here.) So get ready to sit back and relax as we take you through our top picks for restful relaxation.



The recliner is a classic piece in so many homes, and for good reason. With a simple pull of the lever (or touch of a button), you can easily get comfortable in the reclining position. Elevating your legs and feet at the end of a long day can alleviate muscle soreness and improve circulation. A semi-or-full reclining position allows you to rest your head, if even for a few minutes, with the soft, plush support of a well-cushioned back rest. And with even more technological advancements, such as articulating headrests and built-in heat or massage, today’s selection of recliners provides even more options than ever.

Massage Chair


Along with being supremely relaxing, massage chairs also offer several physical health benefits such as alleviating tension, promoting mental clarity, and reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol. And with multiple massage settings available at the touch of a button, resetting your mind and body can occur as often as you’d like.



Waking up from a bad night’s sleep can immediately set the tone for a stressful day ahead. If this happens on a nightly basis, you may want to consider replacing your mattress. Although its exterior appearance may say otherwise, a mattress that is, on average, over eight years old can be worn out on the inside. This reduces its effectiveness in providing proper support, leaving you with headaches, backaches, and a tired mind and body. Our knowledgeable sleep specialists can help you find the proper mattress to fit your sleep needs.

Adjustable Base

adjustable base lifestyle

Although a mattress could be the answer to all of your restless nights, sometimes it isn’t enough alone. That’s where an adjustable base can help. If you need special positioning when in bed for health or comfort reasons, an adjustable base may be the answer (learn about the benefits here). By allowing even more positions for comfort along with proper support, an adjustable base makes it easy to sleep better. Even when you’re not sleeping, an adjustable base provides another way to relax in the comfort of your own bed while you read, watch TV, surf the Internet.

Focus on Comfort


In general, a focus on comfort should be a priority. No matter which piece of furniture it is, you’re not going to want to relax in it if it isn’t comfortable. When shopping for new furniture, keep in mind how often you will spend time in it and how you will use it. For example, the sectional shown above provides enough room for the family with its spacious configuration. It also has comfortable fabric, plush cushions, and a chaise for extra lounge room. This would be a great piece to relax in at the end of the day. With comfortable go-to’s like these in your home, you’ll find it that much easier to relax with every spare moment.