PixelMax Productions’ Video Director, Dave, films a product for an upcoming television commercial in WG&R’s in-house studio.

Did you know that WG&R Furniture has its own in-house advertising team? From photographing website product images to filming for television commercials on-location, PixelMax Productions is the small team of individuals who make everything happen behind the scenes. While many retailers depend on outside agencies to handle their advertising needs, WG&R employs a team of fewer than 10 individuals who work from the corporate office in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In doing so, WG&R is able to produce marketing materials with a consistent look, feel, and voice, while being able to react to quick turnaround times.

Depending on the person involved, a day’s work could include:

  • Creating advertising materials to support an upcoming promotion
  • Writing television scripts
  • Recording products or local talent for television commercials
  • Photographing product images for the website
  • Planning and posting on social media
  • Photographing products on-location for upcoming promotions
  • Filming short videos for online distribution

Go behind the scenes and watch a day in the life of PixelMax Productions in this time-lapse video.