New patio furniture is an exciting addition to any home’s exterior because it invites you and your loved ones to spend more time outside. Unfortunately, it can feel out of place if the rest of your home’s exterior isn’t up to date. 

Whether this is the first time you’ve updated your home in years, or you’re just ready for something fresh: these are the top backyard projects that will compliment your new patio furniture.

Fantastic Shading Structures

Sunlight can be a blessing and a curse. Although it’s fantastic to have great lighting on your property, summers have been getting hotter and longer. Many people don’t want to deal with the heat and find themselves staying inside when they could be enjoying their property.

Building a structure that can block out some of that sunlight will make anyone more likely to enjoy spending time outside on their property! Structures like pergolas can offer an eye-catching look to your property, the chance to add more color to it, and also lower the temperatures in areas you want to lounge in. 

Fresh Stain for Your Deck

Why not compliment your deck with some fresh stain? Stain does for wood what a fresh coat of paint does for walls on the interior of your home. Look for a heavy-duty deck stain that will not only look great but will also help protect the wood for far longer than it would be if you left it untreated.

 If your new patio furniture is stained, try to find deck stain in a similar hue instead of matching it entirely. Although matching can be fine, you want your new furniture to stand out so that people will notice it!

Pressure Washed Siding or Brick

When was the last time your home’s exterior was deep-cleaned? Renting a pressure washer costs less than a hundred dollars per day and gives you a chance to deep clean every portion of your exterior so that your home looks brand new.

 You can use this on your deck itself if it’s been treated and on your siding or brick to blast away any discoloration or unwanted staining that has happened over the years. It’s best to do this after pollen season has passed in your area since its fine powdery texture tends to stick to any outside structures.

Railing and Other Safety Features

Keeping your home and loved ones safe is vital! The best way to do this is to ensure you have all of the necessary safety features installed. This means non-slip tiling around your pool and deck railing leading around any stairs and drops. Although some may complain that it cuts off portions of the view of your property, it’s more important to ensure that everyone is safe while on your back deck.

Children are extremely accident-prone, and putting up these rails can protect them to some degree. This isn’t just for people, either! If you have dogs, having a good deck railing setup will ensure you don’t have to worry about them accidentally falling off the side of your deck or finding themselves in danger’s way.

Better Partitioned Yard Areas

Our yards are fantastic spaces where we can relax and get away from life, so we have to be able to create spaces that inspire the need to relax. By partitioning off parts of your yard, you can treat it similarly to how you treat the interior of your home.

 Using permeable pavers, you can portion off an area for a fire pit or create a sitting area, and in another portion, section off some space for a garden of fruiting plants. This might feel strange at first, but as you section off parts of your yard, you’ll realize how much more inspiring it is to get to spend time outside in a space like this.

Exterior Lighting

The better lit your home’s exterior is at night:, the safer it is. This is important not only because of the fact that fewer burglars will attempt to rob a home that’s clearly lit and in view: but also because it adds to the aesthetic value of your property.

 You put so much money into new lawn furniture, and you may put a lot of work into ensuring that your gardens are beautiful and up to date: so it makes sense that you would want the entire space well-lit!

There’s no need to invest in full floodlights; you can dip a toe in by using solar lights around your property and see if those are bright enough to your liking, or if they’re too bright while you’re inside, and then upgrade from there.

Your Home’s Exterior Could Use a Makeover!

Fantastic new patio furniture is an awesome step in the right direction: so make sure you don’t stop there! Consider some of these great updates, and they’ll give you the chance to turn your property into a space everyone will want to spend time on.


Natalie Akins is an editor for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. She is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.